Challenges in Creating a Commercial Website Design

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Challenges in Creating a Commercial Website Design

Designing a commercial website is a demanding task. The website designer must learn how to put his creative ideas into reality. All the principles in basic designing in content, usability, appearance and visibility are applied.

In a typical world, web design consists of text and images. However, there’s even more to that. That’s why; I am writing this article to discuss the several issues you encounter while creating a commercial site.

1)     Rapid Technological Change- This process complicates the method of positioning resources to enhance web presence.

2)     Poor Layout- Layouting a website is a matter of content delivery. The idea of publishing different contents such as texts, photos, videos, boxes, automatic pop-ups, podcasts, etc. should imply the adaptation of creative standards. There must be a balance in all forms and functions.

  • Text Readability
  • Ease in Navigation
  • How Well-Optimized the Site is

3)     Wrong Layout Type- Three of the popular dimension formats are: pixel measure in static content, em measure in proportional content relative to font size and percent measure in fluid content (shrinking and growing).

Choose the inappropriate layout type that is inconsistent with the overall theme of a website yield disaster. The hybrid design is generally prescribed by several experts due to its warm and balance effect it gives the eye. A good example of a hybrid design is

4)     Issues on Layout Concerns- The use of space is becoming more fluid in its potential. When right spacing is applied, it immediately communicates the style to its target audience. Perhaps, some web designers tend to forget that no content is more at risk to changes and variations than the space.

5)     Wrong Utilization of Device- A web designer has absolutely no control over device manufacturers. Those operating system, mouse, touch screen, etc. can result to complicated browser changes. For this reason, these designers are advised to adjust target environment. They should put an effort to remove common mark-ups that corrupt web content.

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